Magneto Investments L.P. is committed to developing the Dumont Project in a responsible and sustainable manner. As part of this approach, a voluntary public consultation process was engaged with host communities and other stakeholders. The results of which were integrated into the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment through exchanges with provincial regulators. The results of this comprehensive approach were also used to improve upon the feasibility study. Documentation regarding past consultations is available here.

Magneto Investments L.P. continues to follow a voluntary process of information sharing and consultation. This approach is based on best practices relating to community relations and will consider suggestions from the public and the monitoring committee for the future activities.


Community relations

Magneto Investments L.P. is committed to ensuring access for community members and stakeholders to representatives of the Project for their suggestions, comments, complaints and concerns. We are committed to providing relevant information regarding the Dumont Project.


Regional office:
42, rue Trudel, Amos, J9T 4N1

Liaison Office with the community:

778, rue Chicobi, Launay

Mardi et jeudi de 13h30 à 16h30


Good neighboUr PRotocol

For the Dumont project, a protocol has been established to act as a good neighbour in its host communities.

The Protocol was developed in consultation with neighbours and host communities and in accordance with international best practices, including those established by the International Council on Mining and Metals.

The Good Neighbour Protocol is a well-defined procedure to receive, understand and respond to concerns and complaints that people affected by the project might have.

The Good Neighbour Protocol is part of the Dumont monitoring program and will take effect upon the start of construction at Dumont and will continue for the duration of the project

Sponsorship and donations

Magneto Investments L.P. supports various projects and activities in the communities in which it conducts business by granting donations and sponsorships. With respect to the Dumont project, Magneto Investments contributes mainly to activities or events held in host communities or which are related to the values supported by Magneto.

If you wish to submit an application, please send by email to Please allow a minimum of six weeks before receiving a response. You can contact the community relations department for more information.



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