Environmental Assessment

  • Dumont is fully-permitted with the provincial and federal governments
  • The main basis for approval at the provincial and federal levels was the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Nion
  • The ESIA carefully evaluates and identifies mitigation and compensation measures required to protect the environment and our communities
  • The Quebec government approved the Dumont Project through a Ministerial Decree on June 17, 2015
  • The federal Minister of the Environment issued a positive Environmental Assessment Decision on July 29, 2015, finding that Dumont is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects based on the mitigation measures outlined in the ESIA

Monitoring Committee

  • The Monitoring Committee for the Dumont Project will be established in accordance with the Best Practices Guide for Monitoring Committees published by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
  • The Monitoring Committee will be comprised of a representative of Nion and a cross-section of local and regional community stakeholders
  • The purpose of the Monitoring Committee is to continue to develop a relationship of trust between Nion and the local stakeholders, provide a safe forum for the expression of needs and concerns, prevent the development of conflicts, and provide feedback to promote the continuous improvement of Dumont

Monitoring Program

  • An environmental monitoring program will be implemented upon a decision to construct, to ensure compliance with the operating conditions established by the federal and provincial authorities

  • The environmental monitoring program will monitor multiple components of the environment and social environment

MONITORING PROGRAM(preliminary, FR only)



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